Luxury Interior Design is Located in Fairfield County

Also Serving Greenwich, CT

​Creating a home that reflects your unique life and vision is the goal.

​The first step is a consultation in which I get to know you and everything that matters to you—your family, your lifestyle, your inspirations and passions. In this time together, my focus is to listen, to understand your goals, and learn the scope of work and overall budget, so that I can deliver on your vision.​

​In our second ​meeting together, I present an agreement, along with color schemes, fabrics, furniture layouts, inspirations, and a comprehensive description of the work required to not only meet your budget, but transform your home and exceed your expectations.

Once agreed upon and signed, I begin work on the Master Design. The Master Design is a comprehensive, detailed scope of work that takes 4 to 8 weeks to put together before presentation. It include​s​ all of the furniture and material selections, fabrics, light fixtures, construction needs, colors, and more. We can now collaborate on ideas and come to a final conclusion. I will set further expectations regarding the timeline, access to your home, and installation timeframes.

Over the past decade, I have grown my team to ensure that we seamlessly deliver on your project’s needs from design, permitting, construction, to installation. With a strong network of fine tradesmen, my team and I transform spaces, and collaboratively deliver efficiently and professionally. Once furniture, light fixtures, accessories, window treatments and other materials arrive, my installation team will deliver your new spaces within the agreed upon timeframe.

Service Phases
Service phases

Organic Process.

When ​our ​home ​has an elegance and natural flow and ease to it, it ​supports ​more connection and real living so we can thrive in all areas of our life. ​It needs to be an organic process, to reach this goal, which is what I’m best at. ​​

I’m very layered in my thinking, so I go deeper into the layers of what is possible for a space and what makes someone tick, understanding what creates meaning in their life, ​and ​bringing this forward in the spaces I design.​ ​Creating and building this is a combination of pulling from everything I learn about you and sensing what wants to be seen and expressed through your home as inspiration drops in for me from a less tangible place—some of my best ideas and answers for the perfect details in a space come to me in dreams and visions that are far beyond my critical thinking capacity​; this adds a level of creativity​, uniqueness​ and playfulness to spaces​, in a rare way.

​When I am asked what my style is, it’s best described as a sincere, authentic desire to bring more life and natural beauty into all of my projects. I uplift rooms and homes through a sophisticated use of color and texture—and by bringing light to dark spaces. I love connecting with my clients’ unique spirit​ to create one-of-a-kind spaces in which they can live and love throughout their homes. My passion is creating an experience in all parts of your home, making every room feel uniquely you.

My favorite rooms are a mix of vintage pieces with simple, modern pieces. My rooms are gallant in style with a hint of royal magic. They tell a story… your story.

What is Luxury.

Luxury has always expressed itself to me through spaces that are warm and inviting — it’s how I know a room is finished. There is a feeling of completeness, and nothing is missing. It inspires you to want to sit down, read, entertain or spend time with your family. Part of my process is creating this subtle and profound feeling in each room, in which you take pleasure for many years to come.

Custom Pieces.

I love to add at least one custom piece to a space. It may be a dining table, a sofa or commissioned artwork, to elevate the space and give it a distinct feel. It’s not just about the look of your rooms—it’s about the feeling, too. I think it’s so important to have a unique design that you won’t see in a friend’s house or on the showroom floor, so it feels even more like your space was made for you.

I also have the big picture in mind and the longterm view so each room can grow and you can collect in every room as the years go on.