5 Ways to Calm Nerves This Week

Nov 13

I want to share some of the simple ways I love to find calm in tense times. Each one matters and brings balance to life. I’ll be trying to integrate as many as I can this weekend. Join me!


First on the list. Use food for mood! If you’re not already on a whole-foods diet with an abundance of healthy fats, veggies, and organic proteins, now’s the time to start. You can avoid anxiety though these foods—and don’t be afraid to add well-sourced red meat and animal products for extra support.

See @paolaatlaswellness signature smoothie recipe in stories and @normakamali’s sweet potato ice cream treat.


One of the best daily stress busters (and detoxers) can be any form of exercise. There are so many great classes online now, each offering their own style to suit your needs and preferences. Hot tip: Tracy Anderson posted on posture this week on Instagram. If you didn’t know, our posture affects our overall health—and good posture actually curbs anxiety. One interesting thing to note is that all the muscles surrounding our spine actually hold our spine up, so a daily strengthening workout is the answer to good posture too.

The best workouts right now are from @tracyandersonmethod @melissawoodhealth @theclass.


Connecting with friends and family in a meaningful way can instantly reduce anxiety and relax us. We all know a warm hug from someone we love is like medicine. Make a beautiful gathering space in your home with food you love.

Love @eyeswoon tablescapes for inspiration.


Create a calm, cozy home in simple ways. I have warm, comfortable throws in every room, to curl up in for relaxing time or drape over me when I’m working at home. Use neutrals and soft textures, to create a serene space.

Shop my handpicked throws at the Raquel Garcia Shop.


The importance of sleep can never be overrated. When stress is high, a good night’s sleep can be life-changing. Three things to improve sleep now. Dark room. No blue light before bed. Magnesium.

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