Amanda Pratt’s Salon, a Unique Showroom and Gallery

May 10

Interior architect Amanda Pratt, and mother to three daughters, opened Salon in 2018, a Boston-based design space showcasing work from strongly curated designers from around the world, with a focus on craftsmanship. Salon is part showroom, part gallery, and studio showcasing furniture, lighting, rugs, wallpaper and textiles. This space also brings artists and makers together in events and gatherings that foster the design community in Boston and beyond.

I love the unique quality behind Salon. In a recent Domino feature, Amanda told the magazine, “That’s why it’s called Salon—it’s meant to evoke that period of Gertrude Stein in Paris where you’re bringing together artists and thinkers and trying to cultivate a very cool and interesting atmosphere around something that’s very important,” she says. “For me, that’s female-focused contemporary design.”

The Gallery features furniture and art from both established and emerging contemporary design talents, and acts as “a launch pad for the debut of new collections.” The careful curation in these projects are not missed by those with a discerning eye for unique beauty and a quality that is unmatched by larger production companies.

The Salon recently brought together two Brooklyn artisans, Eskayel founder Shanan Campanaro and sculptor Patrick Weder. Shanan Campanaro debuted her Matisse-inspired collection, Belize Blooms (pictured above) where viewers were able to witness the design process from painting to mural to textiles to rugs. Patrick Weder is a trained sculptor who produces functional design pieces. And they turn out beautifully unique, with natural shapes and edges.

The showroom is a collection of female artisans from around the world. Just a few are Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel, Brit Kleinman of Avo, Aja Blanc of Ben and Aja Blanc, Stephanie Dedes Reimers of Sarkos Wallpaper, Debra Folz, Ayako Aratani of Aratani Fay, and Alexandra Vega of Source and Tradition.

Source and Tradition by Alexandra Vaga.

Ben & Aja Blanc

Christel Sadde

Stay tuned for The Salon’s continued revolving artists in the gallery, and all of the talks and events at this space. Next time I’m in Boston, I’ll be sure to visit and can’t wait to learn of the new artists Amanda will bring out at The Salon.

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