At Home with Eskayel founder, Textile Designer Shanan Campanaro

Feb 8
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The soft, hand-painted pastel designs by Eskayel, transformed into elegant and ethereal textiles and wall coverings, first caught my eye a few years ago and I’ve been thrilled to watch Shanan Campanaro continue to create. I’ve loved using her work as perfect accent pieces in the homes I’m designing. And she’s just an inspiring woman to be encouraged by for those of us who run creative businesses.

In a recent interview with, Campanaro opened the doors to her Williamsburg, Brooklyn loft. It’s always fun seeing the homes of artists and designers and how their unique style translates there.

Eskayel designs make a statement and we know instantly who’s home this is. Campanaro has been inspired by her travels, nature and her husband’s vintage finds.

Campanaro told, “My most favorite thing is the rug in the living room. It’s the first time I designed a rug for myself for a specific space. It kind of ties the whole space together, which is what I was hoping that it would do. I love the colors; I love how it reads like a solid rug when you walk into the room. It’s made from fine merino wool, and there’s silk woven in. It’s super nerve-racking because it takes eight months for it to be woven, [so] you design it, then you have to commit to it, and then you have to wait.”

My favorite Eskayel is the Palmeraie-Lumier mural wallpaper. I’m using it as the foundation for the design of IMD Spa in the Flatiron District of New York City, as I transform the space into a place of beauty and respite for busy New Yorkers.


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