Best Online Workouts to Keep You Inspired and Active at Home

Apr 3

For decades, fitness has been a foundation to my wellbeing and an anchor in the storms. I love going to Tracy Anderson’s classes in New York City, but I’ve also created a home fitness space that is transformative in its own right. To help keep you inspired and productive while being home right now, I’m going to share some of my favorite online workouts today. Each one offers a different style and movement—and free trials, so you can find what works for you.

Tracy Anderson Method

A workout with results, the Tracy Anderson method sculpts your body into its most natural shape. The moves change every week, just like her live studio classes.  I went all in and installed the signature cardio fly floor for my home workout studio.

Obé Fitness

With an 80s themed aesthetic and a great selection of fun workouts, Obé is one of the cool digital workouts to hit the scene in the recent years. All of the signature workout videos run 28 minutes and focus on either cardio (Sweat), strength and speed (Define), or stretching and flexibility (Flow).

The Class by Taryn Toomey

Lots of music, breathing, and a focus on emotional releasing, The Class offers a unique workout experience that can help combat stress.

Melissa Wood Health

Elegantly fit and always motivating, Melissa Wood, is a talented online teacher that will inspire you to go further.

There are a ton of streaming options—so the key is finding one that brings a little joy into your day.



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