Staying Healthy and Calm at Home During These Times

Mar 12

Yesterday as I walked into Whole Foods to shop for the essentials, the reality of what I was facing swept over me—it brought me over the edge because it was an experience I had never gone through before. There were no vegetables left in the produce section, no frozen fruit or water in the aisles that people were not shopping—they were hoarding—and understandably so. I don’t quite know if it was out of panic or preparation but I spent more than I ever have in one shopping trip on coconut milk in the can (for natural fat), natural almond butter with no sugar, and Brodo Bone Broth along with fresh meats and fresh lettuces since there was nothing left.

For this week’s blog, I wanted to offer some comforting, healthy, and nurturing tips I’ve found really helpful, while we’re staying home more during these times – or even quarantined. This space can be meaningful time with loved ones, getting in the kitchen rather than being in the usual habit of eating out which is great for our immune system, making your own home cleaning products and some time for simple exercise and relaxing baths at home. You probably live somewhere where there is still food on the shelves, and you may already have a lot of these things at home.

Nicole Berrie of Bonberi is stocking up on these foods:

Dense root vegetables like kobocha squash and Japanese yams.

Bulbs like onions, garlic, ginger and turmeric.

Fresh herbs to freeze.

Dark greens and boxed greens like spinach and kale to freeze and use in smoothies.

Raw coconut water.

Bananas to ripen and then freeze.

Lots of bags of frozen fruit.

Nicole interviewed her colonic physician, Gil Jacobs, and here’s some more ideas he shared:

Dulse – the “food of the foods” because it’s concentrated – a 2 ounce bag of dulse is two full salads.

Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut.

Cucumbers will last ten days sealed tightly.

Juice apple, pears, grapefruits or juice carrots and take chlorella tablets for the extra greens benefits.

Get extra apples, pears, and grapefruits because they last a long time.

Grains and beans like quinoa, millet, and aduki beans.

For keeping your metabolism moving:

Rebounder trampoline (7-10 mins a day)


Epsom salt baths

Ice showers

Infrared blanket

I love Paola Atlason‘s recommendation for making your own cleaning and surface disinfectants with white vinegar and essential oils.

Don’t forget Vitamin C – one of the most simple and efficacious things we can do to stay healthy right now. Stay away from synthetic supplements, and Paola says to use “good quality bio available supplements” like the one pictured here.

One of my go-to experts for all things wellness, Dana James recommends AHCC, a shiitake mushroom supplement–a proprietary medicinal mushroom extract intended to strengthen the immune system. I also love Dana’s own Adrenal Tonic for daily smoothies.

Last but not least, sweet and simple reminders on supporting your immune system, from The Simple Kitchen Project on Instagram.

Get lots of sleep and rest.

Eat clean – eat the rainbow.

Chop up garlic to eat raw and let it sit for 10 minutes to activate.

Elderberry and lemon balm for antiviral herbs.

Wash hands and face.

Keep stress in check.

Check on your community, especially the elderly.


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