The Charm Collection by Raquel Garcia

Oct 9

Going beyond designing homes, and inspired by my daughters, I wanted to design jewelry pieces they could cherish and pass down for generations to come. This is how the new Charm Collection was created.

Since I was a little girl I have loved charms and the meaning behind each one. Collecting them has been my thing and each one I own carries meaning by the person that gave it to me or the milestone it represents.

The first two pieces I’ve designed for this collection are initials and a gold heart. I made a circle charm—what I call a modern charm holder—to bring all the charms together. It attaches to different parts of the necklace of charms charm creating different lengths and styles. The necklaces and bracelets are 14k gold links that delicately fall against the body and carry a refined, elegance to bring into your daily style.

All designs are now available for purchase in the Raquel Garcia Design Shop. I hope you love them as much as my girls and I do.

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