Five Ways to a Cleaner Home

Jun 26

Photo courtesy of Tessa Neustadt. Designed by Amber Interiors

Decluttering and organizing your home can mean much more creativity, productivity and enjoyment in the place that matters most. This is why I loved Goop’s Easy Tips for a Cleaner Home this month and I want to share some of my favorites with you.

1. Since the kitchen sink is such a high traffic area – have an organizer. You can even upgrade to a touchless faucet to reduce high-touch surfaces that need to be cleaned.


2. Declutter your closets – and choose a home for everything to keep things organized. Get some natural jute baskets once you know what you’re keeping.

3. Dust more efficiently, starting from the high places down the low places — use this high-quality table brush to make the task even easier.

My living room photo credit Aylssa Rosenheck

4. Get pretty re-fillable glass bottles from Blueland, so you can make your own all natural cleaning products.

My kitchen photo credit Alyssa Rosenheck

5. Always be tidying. Carving out thirty minutes a day to tidy adds up to three and a half hours a week – making it much more manageable.

Photo credit Alyssa Rosenheck



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