Some of My Favorite Comforts at Home Right Now

May 1

When someone has an eye for beauty, there’s no telling what they’ll create that will make us swoon. But some of us also have an eye for comfort – and that’s where I come in today to share some of the best out there, to bring cozy comforts and delightful inspiration into your home.

Before we get started, don’t forget to make your bedroom truly peaceful and a place that you can relax in before bed. Use calming colors or fresh whites. Keep the surfaces clean and organized. And bring in, candles, plants, flowers, oils you love to smell, as an extra boost for wellbeing.

Gorgeous loungewear sets for the weekend like this Knit Collared Cardigan and Boy Shorts in Lake Melangeon from Live The Process. Soft, natural materials are always best for sleeping or lounging.

Collect organic shaped pieces to bring comfort and cozy spaces together in a favorite room. Love the pieces shown the Instagram of Claude Home.

Make delicious morning tonics that heal your gut. Love this one from Green Star Wellness NYC made with ginger tea, lemon and turmeric with a splash of honey and cinnamon.


It’s the little things that count. Enjoy some of the coziest socks that are small matched made by Aurora James in all different colors and collect some special hand made mugs for your morning tea or coffee – or even that tonic.

Follow inspiring accounts that spark your creativity (and do a digital declutter to clean up your feed from anything you don’t need right now). Colin King is a favorite for inspiration on Instagram.

Last but not least, begin collecting some of the softest, warmest and coziest keepsake alpaca blankets hand loomed in Peru from Rosemary Hallgarten.

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