Dana James Brings Wellness to the Next Level in the Most Beautiful Way

May 24

Dana James is a woman who has a natural gracefulness and down-to-earth attitude, exuding a calmness, despite her very busy schedule with clients between New York City and Los Angeles. She truly believes in what she’s teaching women and she lives it. Dana is a triple certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and cogitative behavioral therapist.

One of Dana’s gifts is bringing beauty to food. It’s not just fuel, like it is for many who are on-the-go and juggling a lot at home. But she brings a beauty and femininity back into food, wellbeing and cooking that many of us are missing as our lives get more and more busy. She inspires you to want to make a beautiful meal. And that’s a great thing.

In her recent collaboration with Estée Lauder, Dana was the perfect fit. I love seeing beauty brands like Estée Lauder choosing more than just a model, but women who can share real tools to enhance our lives and wellbeing.

In 2007, Dana founded Food Coach NYC, a functional medicine nutrition practice. Now, in her new book, The Archetype Diet, Dana shares her years of wisdom from one-on-one coaching with women around the world. She shares a diet philosophy, recipes and meal plans for all women struggling with their body, collating her physical and emotional observations into four female archetypes based on self-worth, body types and eating patterns, revealing how you can alter your diet to feed your unique body chemistry.

I’m always on the look out for ways to simplify my health routine. To make it even easier to be healthy on-the-go and in a world where food and diet has become much more complicated than it has to be, Dana has created two simple, streamlined products that easily integrate into our daily lives giving us the beneficial nutrients we need both for beauty and for overall health. In the Adrenal Tonic, blended with cacao and cinnamon to make it taste delicious, and medicinal mushrooms lower stress hormones. Simply add two teaspoons to almond milk (or any nut or seed milk) and blend. It can be served cold or warmed. The BEAUTI-FUEL protein powder is 100% raw, vegan, high vibrational protein powder with super foods. It contains no stevia, sugar or sugar substitutes. It tastes delicious.

Dana’s New York City office is located at 224 5th Ave. Clients can email lauren@foodcoachnyc.com for availability, but be prepared to be on a waitlist for 2-3 months for first appointments. You can see Dana in NYC, LA or you can set-up a Skype consultation.

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