Design That Brings People Together

Aug 30

One of the most beautiful things in life is to gather with family around the table. In the fast-pace of the modern world, it’s sometimes easy to forget this sweet time together at home. Over the years, I’ve heard amazing stories from the families I’ve worked with, coming together in a new way after I designed spaces for them that naturally transformed mealtime. Sometimes even the younger children have wanted to linger longer at the table with the whole family and listen and talk – because they had a comfy spot that felt natural for them.

I want design to foster and encourage togetherness over meals, with each member in the family feeling comfortable and wanting to engage and stay longer, enjoying each other’s company. When I’m designing the kitchen and dining areas in homes, I aim to make it inspiring and functional for cooking and eating, but also to make it a place to gather, to connect, to stay a little while, because it’s welcoming and inviting and just feels good.

In my own kitchen, I had an island built with stools, so we could be together while I’m cooking. Spending that extra time together while preparing the meal is special, too.

Mixing different seating options, using comfortable chairs and benches, lets each family member find their perfect spot for getting cozy and spending time together eating and talking.

If you’d like more inspiration with kitchen ideas, get this lovely book from Taunton Books, where photographer Hulya Koobas took many pictures of my kitchen.

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