Meet the Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel

Mar 22

Design that pays attention to the details but looks effortless and natural, is always a delight to the eyes, and carries both a calming and uplifting quality to the spirit. Los Angeles based Interior Designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, communicates just this through her design. Her work was recently featured in the Spring Domino 2019 issue for Garance DorĂ©, which was in last week’s blog.

Sarah’s design and lifestyle blog is where she shares stories, covering topics on home decor, entertaining, personal style, and travel. Fun projects and collaborations like the redesign of her A-frame here are always being highlighted.

The Mandy Moore house project showcases Sarah’s knack for integrating built-ins and cozy nooks, where a library nook was carved out of an un-used hallway.

Sarah is also known as a color and pattern expert, after her product line naturally evolved from her experience in product design, combined with her background in painting and woodworking growing up with her father. Pictured here is her hardware design in her kitchen.

I love Sarah’s encaustic tile design for Concrete Collaborate, pictured here in My Domaine, and also her cabinet door line for Semi Handmade and hardware designs for Park Studio.

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