Diana Vreeland Gift Guide

Dec 21

Diana Vreeland, the woman who was putting the personality into fashion magazine editor before they were personalities for major motion pictures, forever changed the face of fashion as the editor for Harper’s Bazaar and later editor-in-chief of Vogue.

Vreeland left her mark, among many things, the Met Gala which began as a fundraiser using Yves Saint Laurent’s collection and it did so well that it still exists today.

Famous for just being herself and detesting all things boring, always aiming to make life interesting, Vreeland has inspired this year’s gift guide to delight the senses and spoil our loved ones.

November/December cover of Veranda. The styling with cover girl, Annabelle Moehlmann, embodies the eclectic charm Vreeland loved and reminds me of her ability to use fashion as a way to express her own unique point of view – which she inspired us all to do. You can follow Annabelle on Instagram @landofbelle.

Jewelry by Raquel Garcia Design. I designed the crystal hand-carved charm and pavé diamond shark tooth to complement any outfit, whether it’s a feminine floral dress or a white tee shirt with jeans. They’re both available upon request at raquel@raquelgarciadesign.com.

Garden of Flowers perfume. A natural scent sans chemicals. Hand blended artisan perfumes created with essential oils that hit a perfectly subtle and unique note for everyday wear. Available at www.arogya.net.

Pajamas from Hill House Home. Cozy but so pretty, these pajamas are one of those things you may not buy for yourself, but would love to own, making them a sweet gift for someone special. Available at www.hillhousehome.com.

Cashmere Robe from White + Warren. Cold weather mornings and warm nights in call for cashmere, a classic color and style that you’ll have for years. Available at www.whiteandwarren.com

Vinter’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. All things Vintner’s Daughter are a luxury we can’t go without. Made with the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals, these products are decadent skin nutrition that truly make skin glow. Available at www.organachsfarmtoskin.com.

Art by Anne Barnetson

Ulla Johnson Blouse. A remake of your grandmother’s blouse with old world charm in its handmade detail and sophisticated lace. Available at www.ullajohnson.com.

Santa Maria Novella Room Scent. Made in Florence by nuns that have carried out the same recipes for generations, this room scent is delicious and natural. Vreeland once said, “Oh, but I think that thoughtfulness and manners are everything.” I agree. Which is why this makes a perfect hostess gift. Available at www.smnovella.com.

1950s Vintage Hermés Kelly. Chasseur de Mode has beautiful vintage pieces that stand the test of time. I love finding hidden treasures in this space. Available at www.chasseurdemode.com.

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