Equinox Hudson Yards: Where Fitness Meets Luxury Hotels

Sep 20

I love to travel, but I also love my fitness routine and staying on track with healthy eating; these two things didn’t always go together, until now. Enter the Equinox at Hudson Yards – the first hotel from the luxury fitness brand. It was just a matter of time until wellness merged with travel, in a new way that would make our healthy lifestyles seamless while traveling. Equinox has already established itself in the wellness world – when I was recently in Florida for a family gathering, I couldn’t find my favorite Foursigmatic coffee (it doesn’t cause the caffeine low that a traditional cup gives after a few hours) – but I found it on the Equinox menu. So it was only natural for the luxury fitness brand to be the pioneer in hotels that bring wellness to the forefront.

Architectural Digest took a tour of the world’s first Equinox Hotel. And we can look into some of the ways these hotels will transform travel – especially when you’re in a busy spot like New York City.

In one of the best locations in the city, sitting on Manhattan’s West Side Highway, the hotel’s scenic views overlook the Hudson River, with sunsets that are the star of the show.

The simple, streamlined design in the rooms are truly restoring, a respite after full days in the city. The hotel is prioritizing sleep – with a new design of silent AC units in the rooms and even sleep coaches on staff.

Architectural Digest said, “At the Equinox Hotel, one’s room is a place to recharge. Norton and Keffer refer to all rooms as sci-fi-sounding “sleep chambers.” But they mean it—each room has a “dark, quiet, cool” feature on its bedside iPad that, with the push of a button, draws blackout shades and cools the room to an optimal sleep temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Upholstered headboards, padded walls, and a plush rug give the room a silence rarely found in Manhattan. And the smart layout, which separates sleep chamber from dressing area (with a full-length mirror), ensures each room feels larger than its 400 square feet.”









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