My Favorite Baby Fragrances

Apr 4



Anyone that knows me knows how much I love babies… and along with babies comes their natural God given smell. I’ve always been sensitive to smell as long as I could remember. It’s something thats allowed me to get deep into thought and feel grounded. Being born into a mostly Cuban family and being the first child I was always splashed with Agua de Violates. Violet water which comes in a beautiful bottle and is very refreshing has a simple note. Not heavy at all,  just a fresh breath of violet’s that hits you like a soft wind and then melts into your skin. It’s a beautiful  fragrance that enhances the baby smell well into the preteen years.




Once I had my own children I used the same violet water but also included Musti and Annick Goutals Bonpoint fragrance. Such a beautiful collection to rotate and always have your older baby smelling fresh and clean. Even now with grown babies 11, 15 and 17. I keep it with the body cream section in my bathroom and the scent transports me to when my girls were young while still refreshing the skin with the scent of morning dew. My second daughter Paloma still references the fresh smell to “babies” and makes sure it’s always in our home.

Raquel xo











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