April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner’s Daughter

Apr 25
Ever since the life-changing serum of Vintner’s Daughter came on the scene, skincare has never looked the same. And if we’re exaggerating a little bit about it being life-changing, those who have splurged on the Active Botanical Serum know it truly does transform skin. But the woman behind Vintner’s Daughter is now known and April Garguilo’s story behind creating the serum is wonderfully organic.

Like any truly beneficial invention, the Active Botanical Serum was born out of necessity. After being in the family business of wineries, becoming pregnant with her first child, and discovering her expensive skincare was latent with toxic chemicals and fillers causing real threats to health, so began April’s two-year journey to creating and formulating the perfect botanic serum. April’s winemaking skills translated effortlessly into her ability to create a unique, one-of-a-kind skincare product. Vintner’s Daughter is known for its simple aesthetic and streamlined skincare philosophy, where less is definitely more and quality over quantity is truer than ever.

“We use whole plants, which is unique in that we are not using powders, extracts, or anything isolated or freeze-dried. We take everything from the plant—the whole 360-degree spectrum—to feed your skin 22 of the most active and beautifying nutrients in the world.”

April lives with her two children and husband in a modern, eclectic Pacific Heights home that is 80 years old and designed leaving almost all of the its original detail intact, including an original Thomas Church-designed garden (pictured on vogue.com above).
There’s something to be said for a woman who isn’t just following the trends and movements of the time, but is rooted in what matters. And this extends beyond April’s skincare into her life. In an interview for How She Glows, April’s traditional over trendy values shined through telling readers, “If I am not working, I am with my family, so traditional “self-care” stuff like manicures, massage and yoga retreats are not on my list of priorities. Instead, I take great joy in the idea that every breath, every movement, every word, every morsel can be an act of self-care. There is a lot of freedom in this way of thinking for me.”
If you haven’t tried the Active Botanical Serum, the uniquely active formulation delivers the very best whole botanicals, beautifying nutrients, and balancing properties to your complexion. And Vintner’s Daughter recently launched their second-ever product, Active Treatment Essence for even more efficacy when used with its counterpart.

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