Garance Doré’s Home Lights Up the Pages of Domino This Month

Mar 14

As part two of a series this month, we are featuring the home of French photographer, writer and style icon, Garance Doré, as seen in Domino’s Spring 2019 issue.

Doré’s modern L.A. home basks in warm blush and terra cotta hues, creating the most welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Getting back to her Corsican roots, Doré chose L.A. as her home because it’s also close to the water.

Doré told Domino, “Once you make this decision—to live in something more modern, built by a developer—the question is how do you add character? How do you soften the edges? They’re often cold and feel like a bachelor pad.”

She and her designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, created soft, feminine, and practical design in every room, going a little higher and then lower in price points for each piece.

An airy, loft-like feel makes the space feel like a breath of fresh air. Light neutrals with pops of different blues bring a perfect balance of color.

Sleep is priority, so Doré chose deep, dreamy blues to make the master bedroom a nighttime haven.

The guest bedroom keeps with the colors of the rest of the home, but a bit of unexpected playfulness dances on the headboard and walls.

An amazing guest bathroom covered floor to ceiling in Riad El Fenn blue and white tile.

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