Garance Doré: A French Woman to Love

Mar 7

We all have those women we admire in the world, who somehow make you feel like they’re speaking right to you, as if they’re in the same room with you. Garance Doré is one of those women–warm, fascinating, engaging, vulnerable, talented–and you know you’d be best friends if you met. I was thinking about her on my recent trip to Marseilles and thought I’d share her on the blog today.

A French photographer from Corsica, illustrator and author, Garance Doré is best known for her creative website Atelier Doré, where everything is covered from style, femininity, and the world today – and her words are always so relatable.

Doré describes the organic process of her creative journey, “My blog began quite practically, as a way to share my illustrations. But I soon realized that what I really wanted was to start a conversation, just to see if there other crazies like out there. As it turns out, there were.”

Garance’s illustrations are a one-of-a-kind and her New York Time’s Bestselling book, Love Style Life, is a favorite coffee table book all about style of course, but also how to be a beautiful woman inside and out.




Style is defined as something beyond just the clothes we wear, Doré tells us, but is also “the way we walk, the way we smile, the sparkle in our eyes, the way we live our lives.”

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