New York City’s IMD Spa x Raquel Garcia Design

Feb 1

For a moment IMD Spa was a hidden treasure in the city, but now has a fast-growing loyal fanbase, and has become an essential for busy New Yorkers finding balance. As someone who has personally experienced the profound results from IMD’s lymphatic drainage treatments (this is what they’re known for), I am beyond excited to share my latest collaboration with IMD Spa. Raquel Garcia Design is going to match the beauty of the spa treatments with a redesign, elevating the whole space, making it an experience of beauty, luxury and tranquility the second the elevator doors open.

The design came together organically and seamlessly after experiencing the spa treatments myself and falling in love with everything about it, while getting to know the founder, Irani Makimoto-Domino, who is a delight.

We will be bringing in the prettiest soft, pale colors, with different textures and natural materials, to make you feel like you’re hanging at your most stylish friend’s loft who never sacrifices comfort or beauty.

Here’s some pieces of my vision for the space I’m creating.

Sharing some before pictures so you can be in on the transformation process.

Stay tuned for the process and transformation. I can’t wait to share more with you! And let me know if you have visited the space yet and experienced one of their treatments!

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