Rhymes and Reasons: Interview with John Black

Jul 17
I’m excited to announce the launch of a new live interview series called “Rhymes and Reasons of Design”, where I have intimate conversations with artisans, artists, designers, leaders in health and wellness, creatives, and all who inspire me.
The first interview in the series is with John Black from West Virginia – his family has resided there since 1850. I was drawn to John’s work because of the colors and movement and a story behind the art that I wanted to know. John loves working with his hands, whether it’s being a chef for ten years in New York or painting and sculpting. John works with multiple mediums – ink, oil, and clay. His sculptures are figurative, that begin on paper and turn into clay. His creative process began at a very young age. John’s mother and grandmother have art from when he was five and six years old. His process is unique in the large scale of his paintings and he’s brought some of the same aspects into his current art from his childhood art. Unlike most artist’s studios, his studio does not have art everywhere (one large oil painting can take up to six months to dry). He believes that colors hold an emotion and he loves color matching and bringing colors together that people don’t often see together.
Spirituality and painting goes hand in hand for John. Painting is like a meditation for him. He believes that all of his work is based on balance – he tries to gather a center and then work from that point. For him it’s a therapeutic process. After recovering from a serious injury from a fall in 2016 and ending up in a coma, his artwork completely transformed. This experience led him to explore theoretical science and quantum physics.
Last year he was more inspired than ever painting in Denmark. He loved working with spray paint which turned out uniquely organic and beautiful. Denmark is a sustainable country and John connects with this, since his art is waste-free. And in the next year, he hopes to be on his bus that he bought to convert into a tiny home and be able to travel to beautiful places and make art. The bus will be modified so that he will be able to create large art – and bring his online audience into the process in the future. He also has a book coming out so stay tuned!
You can find John Black on Instagram @johnxblack and follow his work there and his future journey on the bus that he will be documenting next year.


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