Kim Dunham’s Signet Ring Collection

Oct 4

As a jewelry designer myself, I’m always captivated by a really unique and meaningful design idea. Kim Dunham, who launched her custom signet ring collection three years ago has caught my eye over the years—and most recently in her first feature in the New York Times style section. What draws me is her desire to create human connection through her designs.

Dunham uses gold and sometimes gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients. I love how people’s personal stories are in the rings–and I can’t wait to design my own ring with Kim, with my personal story set in this golden treasure.

The rings are engraved with letters, numbers and small illustrations that are chosen after honest and vulnerable conversions with her clients, to draw out what really matters to them.

What’s next? The New York Times article tells us her plans extend beyond the jewelry realm, “She has long been toying with adding personalized letterpress stationery to the signet ring packages; for the holidays, she intends to release a scented candle and is working with the perfumer Douglas Little on the fragrance; she is also designing the containers for Little’s future line of solid perfumes.

But her current project feels like enough, for now. “I couldn’t have done this in my 20s or my 30s,” Dunham says. “All of the moments in life — the struggles, the joy, the breakups, the heartache, the travel, every book I’ve read — has allowed me to sit and ask the right questions, and to hear others’ stories and really understand them. I think it says a lot about our society, too — that something based on a human connection has really taken off.”



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