How To Make Your Kitchen Calming and Life-Giving

May 8

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And while it can sometimes feel like a chore, it really doesn’t have to when we’re utilizing its full potential. I want you to feel inspired in your kitchen and even benefit from calming aspects integrated into your daily cooking and cleaning routine in kitchen. Hoping these 5 tips bring more joy to your day and inspire beautiful meals for you and your family.

1. The secret is in the details. Carefully selected pots, containers, dish soap, sponges (I like white sponges versus the bright colored ones so it doesn’t clutter my eye) and cleaning utensils are essential elements that can keep the space aesthetically pleasing and a joy to be around while using 3x a day. And placing all my cleaning supplies in one place so they’re handy and easy to find is key.

2. Using naturally aromatic essential oils in my Muji diffuser (which lasts for about 3 hours) can transform the space in the simplest way — lemon or orange are my favorite (use the scents you’re most drawn to) — and it creates a vapor evoking calmness, making it a pleasure to stand in for hours while cooking and cleaning for myself and my family. You may also love a fresh stick of Palo Santo or a beautiful note in sandal wood incense — the movement in the air that the diffuser gives and the smoke from the Palo Santo make it ethereal and beautiful.

3. Snipping a lilac from the garden and placing it in a small recycled glass jar is a simple and favorite thing I love to do.

4. Collecting natural things like sea glass or a stone that has a heart shaped and keeping them in a prominent place to visually remind myself of beauty is also very grounding for me. The colors are organic and natural and I love the calming colors — I’ll choose the same calming paint colors for rooms in my home and in my clients’ homes.

6. Using cloth rags made out of linen or cotton that go in the wash is one of my favorite things to use instead of paper towels — to just make things a little nicer, even in the smallest way.




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