How to Remove a Stain: A Best-Kept Laundry Secret

Jun 12

We all know that feeling when we’ve suddenly spilled something on our favorite dress or maybe at home on a special blanket or linens – it looks unsalvageable. When you’ve invested in beautiful things you love, you want to keep them to last and stay in pristine condition – and not at the mercy of all the things that can go wrong when we’re sitting at brunch, caring for children or running errands with a cup of coffee in our hands. Enter my favorite laundry secret and stain remover technique.

Begin by boiling water.

Turn off stove and add a natural laundry detergent. My two favorite plant-based, toxic-free are Laundress and Puracy.

For larger items like blankets, linens or a pair of pants – or delicate fabrics, spot-treat the stain by soaking the area that’s stained until you see the stain removed. If you’re simply refreshing a small piece like beautiful scarf, you can drop it in the pot for a few minutes. Rinse and voila! Your favorite pieces are made new.

Air-dry in the sun for an extra refresh boost.



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