Marlo Laz: A New Kind of Jewelry

Dec 12

When I came upon The Marlo Laz Collection,  I was instantly intrigued. With rare and unexpected designs in the world of high-end jewelry, creative director and and designer Jesse Marlo Lazowski is leaving a mark.

Jesse’s introduction to jewelry design came when she transformed a brooch that had belonged to her grandmother into a necklace. She has since gone on to create her own collection of colorful pieces, emulating many different parts of the world, hitting the pages of fashion magazines, and beloved of many celebrities.

The first location for Marlo Laz has opened in Manhattan at 373 Bleeker Street and perfectly reflects her eclectic sensibility through all the jewel toned spectrums of blushes, oranges, deep turquoise, and more.

The high-end designs with a cool edge are all made in Manhattan, where Jesse resides.

You can shop by gemstone on the site and customize any name or any word with different chains.

Marlo Laz offers vibrant gemstones, charms, customized engravings with excellent craftsmanship.



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