Meet Brad Ford, Founder of the Elevated Craft Fair Field + Supply

Apr 4

We never truly live independent from each other; we are naturally connected in every area of our lives, and when it comes to a creative community, we especially grow together, inspiring each other and always thriving off our passion to make and create. One man who is bringing makers and designers together in a way that truly uplifts the spirit, is Brad Ford.

Growing up in the South in a small town in Arkansas was the beginning of Ford’s love affair with handcrafted, seeing his father in his woodworking shop, and attending the annual Arts and Crafts chair, and being surrounded by creative people and their latest designs. After doing high-end interior design for twenty years, it was time to bridge his childhood love with his current business, and create something altogether new.

Field + Supply began in 2014, as a modern, elevated carefully curated crafts fair. The fair is now in its sixth year and is introducing Field + Supply: Spring MRKT, a spring edition of the popular outdoor maker’s market in Kingston, New York, that takes place every Fall on Columbus Day weekend. This spring will be with a focus on garden, launching over Memorial Day weekend.

Design-savvy New Yorkers gather for the annual Field + Supply fair, for a celebration of community and well designed products. Bringing all the natural elements of the design and its space together, the fair is located directly on the banks of the Hudson River, in the center of the scenic Hudson Valley.

Ford brings his passions and ventures together through an interior design practice, the Manhattan showroom Fair and Field + Supply, sourcing many things from Field + Supply for his interior design and showroom.

When describing his design style in an interview with Merida Studio, Ford said, “I like a room that feels modern and soulful and nothing’s more soulful than something made by hand. When you think about the time, dedication, and technique it takes to make one piece of furniture, it’s incredible. So for me, when you bring something like that into a room it automatically brings much more meaning into the space.”

As if there wasn’t enough to look forward to in Spring, now we have the Field + Supply: Spring MRKT! Can’t wait to be there.

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