Meet Mrs. Mandolin, the Greek-Inspired Brand to Love

Feb 1

I love finding creative brands and companies that are stepping out and following their own style and sensibilities, showcasing something different, and something that exudes a simple beauty.

Enter Mrs. Mandolin, a unique hospitality brand inspired by the Mediterranean, coastal living, simple, fresh Turkish-Greek food and a love for fashion, creativity and travel. Anastasia Koutsioukis opened Mandolin Aegean Bistro in Miami with her husband in 2009, and more recently four outposts in Soho Houses from London to Berlin and Istanbul – and a new restaurant in Miami called Gregory’s Diner.

After sitting at the cafĂ© for a delicious lunch, I love exploring the carefully curated Mrs. Mandolin shop to find treasures to take back to my own coastal home. Each piece displays what Anastasia genuinely loves, not what’s on trend, but a true, authentic extension of the way she lives in Miami – everything from what she wears to how she decorates and entertains. With a desire to bring people together over food and simple pleasures, Mrs. Mandolin is an extension of the Mandolin Aegean Bistro, a place to go for finding all the pieces and details that make the space beautiful for every gathering you host – with homewares, fashion, and art. I especially love the jewelry she carries – it’s on point, fun and colorful and she has the best curated dresses.

It’s not to miss, when you’re in Miami next time.




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