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Jan 25

If you haven’t heard of the Tracy Anderson Method, I’m going to share my testimonial with you, so you can learn of its lasting impact in my life.

I call the Tracy Anderson method a therapeutic workout; it grows with you, helping you age gracefully because you’re able to open up locked areas of your body that other forms of movement don’t engage. The functionality of the movement goes a long way. For instance, other workouts compound your body in many ways, but if you fall suddenly a muscle memory from this workout kicks in and you know how to fall in a way that prevents a lot of damage.

The secret behind the method is her sequencing and the grace between one movement to the other – it’s like a dance that naturally flows together, which is why I don’t get bored and still feel engaged after doing the workout for the past seven years. It’s a results-driven workout – every day it’s different and keeps you on your toes – and in the sequencing that’s repeating you actually go deeper each time you do a seven-day sequence. You can start the movement in the beginning of the week feeling tense and heavy and as a result of your body getting stronger, by the end of the week, you feel light as a feather while you’re performing the sequence that once felt very difficult and like something you never thought you could accomplish.

An interesting aspect of class is that there’s no talking – because studies show that when you’re watching something and you’re performing it rather than listening, you’re going to get results because you’re mimicking something. We all know we’re going to learn more if we do it ourselves rather than passively listening. You’re watching but you’re doing it so you’re creating new neural pathways in your brain, so by the end of the seven-day sequence you’re actually doing things you’ve never done before. We’re not only getting physically stronger, but mentally stronger. You’re facing the most difficult positions with your body and moving through it – not giving up, but facing your fears, which expands to other areas of your life. This has been one of the greatest gifts in my own life. You’re activating multiple muscles at once in just one movement; within some exercise movements there’s three sequences in only one movement – and seeing everyone’s natural results is a beautiful process to witness.

I love how this method carves a woman’s body into its natural form as it was uniquely designed to be – each woman is made a different shape and size – it’s as if we’re unzipping everything that shouldn’t be there and we get the body we were meant to have.T

Today, I’m so excited to say that all of this inspired me to design the #tamily necklace for the women who love this workout and the global community it has created. The community who does the Tracy Anderson method knows the depth of this life-changing workout and the name #tamily was naturally created by one of its members. It feels like a real family, with collaboration, support and encouragement, with women all over the world. You can purchase it here on my site.

Read on to get my favorite gear inspired by Tracy’s workouts, to boost your motivation in this new year. I hope it inspires you to try it if you haven’t yet.

TA Video Streaming Subscription

Regardless of where you live, worldwide, you can workout with weekly real-time videos directly from Tracy. For all levels. Available at

TA Cardio Fly Super G Floor

If you’ve ever taken a Tracy Anderson class, you’ll know about her bouncy floors. The CARDIO FLY SUPER G FLOOR, a Tracy Anderson studio staple,  minimizes impact with its shock absorbent capabilities. When I’m not taking classes in the city, you’ll find me at home on mine. Not a single day I’ve regretted getting this floor installed. Available at

KORAL Lustrous High Rise Leggings

Slick and comfortable, these KORAL leggings are great for walking in the city or a sweaty workout. Available on

Nike Epic React Flyknit

The sneaker for every workout, these black and metallic gold, bouncy, supportive and comfortable kicks are my go-to right now. Available on

Cut and Run Pullover

I love the feel of a super soft top to workout in and this pullover from Beyond Yoga is perfect, also available on

Ultracor Flash Knockout Leggings

A fun addition to my legging collection, these Flash leggings from Ultracor, are a favorite right now. Available on

The Tracy Anderson Equipment Bundle

A one-stop shop with 1.5 lb ankle weights, 3 lb ankle weights, 3 lb dumbbells, and a TA mat. Available on


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