November 2019 Color Mood

Nov 8

{Claude Cartier Décoration}

I love neutral colors. They’re soft and pleasant to the eyes. We see these earthy hues throughout nature and they exude a simple beauty. Decorating and styling with neutral tones creates an ease and effortlessness in everyday living. This November I love ivory and camel—and burgundy. Burgundy is popping out at me and I like it by itself or a perfect combo of burgundy and camel, for interiors and fashion. These colors also remind me of the perfect combination of colors for a gentleman’s apartment in New York City, creating a sophisticated eclectic mood.

{Kelly Wearstler}

{Filipa de Abreu}

{Ulla Johnson}


Ivory resort pieces and winter pieces in soft, comfortable natural materials are refreshing and uplifting in the cooler months. I love mixing and matching all different pieces, with the camel color as well, for earthy neutrals for everyday wear. Do this with a camel leather bag or a cozy camel sweater.

{Jenni Kayne}


{Valentina Collado}


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