Bring Nature Into The Home Through Photography

Dec 20
‚ÄčNatural beauty is greater and more magnificent than any man-made creation – and while we may try to mimic it, we only touch a glimpse of it. With photography, we can capture it in a picture that can sometimes feel alive when done right – and there are two photographers that are grabbing my attention with this gift – Rachael Talibert and Anton Lyalin.
Talibart captures wild oceans. Her photographs are alive and moving, and deeply beautiful in their moodiness. Her works are from her Tides, Tempests and ‘Sirens’ series.
Portraits and African landscapes is what led Anton Lyalin to the art of photography. Lyalin’s Africa series displays the majesty of some of the most gorgeous animals, which have always been done in black and white, until his recent venture into color photography, being shown at Sohn Fine Art Gallery through mid-January.
I love bringing the natural elements into my interior design projects in all its different forms – rocks, water, plants, flowers – inspiration and serenity also follow. What better way to bring nature into the home than in photography? Take a look at some of the work of these two artists.
{ Rachael Talibart }
{ Anton Lyalin }

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