RAQUEL GARCIA DESIGN launches her new home-organizing service centered around simple living called Art of Display.

 As Raquel journeyed down the path of creating elegant and simplistic living spaces in people’s homes that are both beautiful and functional, she discovered her clients had a clear and present need for something more. Enter the Art of Display. In a time when the world is over-consuming and looking for more, Raquel believes in streamlining and simplifying our homes and lives, so more of what we love can come through.

“Sometimes we need to clear the clutter to discover what we really love.”

– Raquel


With a trained eye and a special skill embedded into her, Raquel doesn’t miss a spot, leaving everything she touches more beautiful and more functional than when she found it. Raquel goes through the main spaces that are on display in the home like the bedrooms and living areas, but also the unseen spaces that can sometimes gather the most clutter and lack organization and affect the rest of our living space, such as closets and different storage areas. We don’t always realize it but every area of our homes need a clean sweep, refresher and some special organization that would make our lives so much easier—and even more creative and confident whether we’re in the kitchen, getting dressed, enjoying our family or entertaining friends.

Why Declutter and Organize? 

  • We don’t just let go of things—we let go of mental clutter, too when our living space is fresh, spacious and inspiring. 

  • We create a clean slate, a fresh start, newly tilled soil ready for seeds to be planted—and we want that soil to be good soil so our lives bear good fruit.Our home is an important foundation from which we go out into the world to do all we want to do. 

  • By simplifying and organizing our living space we give ourselves space for more life. Each season is marked with different moods and elements and Springtime inspires us to refresh our living space as we enter into this blooming season.

  • When we love the space we live in, and everything feels fresh and organized, we naturally want to invite others into our space to enjoy our homes with us. Cooking meals, sharing food around the table, throwing parties and entertaining is a joy when we love where we live.

  • Ourstyle, needs, and wants are constantly changing. By simplifying our closets, we create space for pieces and a style that we truly love and feel good in. Even when we are still defining our style and wardrobe, simplifying makes this easy. Raquel will go through clothes, shoes and accessories piece by piece helping her clients decide what feels good and has value. It’s freeing to have a few good quality pieces because we know we like and to only own what we actually wear. 

  • All the different storage areas of our homeare important areas to hit in the decluttering and organizing process because these are the spaces we don’t see in plain view. Because of this, they tend to get a little messy and will turn into the place we throw things that are not in use. Cabinets and other storage areas, like the garage space and mudrooms are important to clean because although you may not use the things in them everyday, when you do need them, you will be able to find them easily and stay efficient and flowing in your home as you go about your daily lives. We don’t have time for unnecessary messes in our lives—we have more living to do!


 About Raquel

Raquel Garcia is Cuban-American, born in New York City. She attributes her love for design and fashion to her father’s passion in the arts and culture. Growing up in a home that was filled with music, culture, and people from all walks of life, from an early age Raquel observed the people and beauty around her, and nuances of how all these pieces came together in her home, giving her a unique interpretation of design on a very personal level. As she learned to appreciate all the details of design, her father’s passions and his love for beauty was instilled in her and has inspired her own design work today.

Raquel has lived in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic before graduating from the University of Saint Joseph, an all women’s college in West Hartford. She is bilingual and is now settled in Fairfield County along the Long Island Sound.

Raquel is self-taught. She brings personal comfort and everyday elegance to all her design work. Raquel’s relaxed style brings ease to her collaborative, design-boutique method. With use of texture, accents of color, and only hand-selected, edited materials, Raquel let’s one’s personality express itself through the design of one’s home, in a natural yet intentional manner. Her impressive portfolio has had a strong influence in Fairfield County for over a decade.

Raquel was nominated for a 2012 A-List At Home Award for the Living Spaces category. Her work has been published in both Fairfield and At Home Magazines. As well as featured in, and popular blogs such as, and more.


Raquel Garcia Design

Phone: 203-521-4189