The Colorful, Dreamy Life of Rebecca de Ravenel

Mar 1
When you see someone living in such a way that exudes their personal style and it’s woven throughout all they create, it’s compelling and we want to see more – and that’s exactly what the gorgeous fashion and accessories designer Rebecca de Ravenel makes me feel. 
Ravenel has extended her personal style to her Hollywood Hills home in the most eclectic, colorful, dreamy way – and there’s not a spot in her home that doesn’t draw you in. Architectural Digest recently captured Ravenel in her element beautifully.
Ravenel pictured in one of her dresses she designed. Her long, feminine floral designs are especially alluring with their effortless beauty.
Spring is on the way and these earrings are fit for the season.  I love the elegant, playful twist in all of the earrings. 



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