Sep 6

Making a Cape Cod style house dreams come true…


Walking into the first room of the house that was the family room was a little scary to say the least. It was anything but light and bright. The floors were red oak and badly stained, the windows old and smoggy and undersized and there was a wall that didn’t allow the kitchen to be seen. 

It was claustrophobic and depressing.



I knew immediately that it was not private enough to stay as the family room.. It was going to be where we sat and had meals together as a family but it had to feel open.. 

The first thing in my minds eye was to replace the windows with larger ones, keeping the placement the same. This did wonders because of course bigger windows equals more light..



The second and most critical piece was removing the wall that stood between the kitchen and the living room. This instantly created an ample view and expanded your eye gaze. Removing the red oak floors original to the house and replacing it with white oak was so important so that I could have the width I was looking for and the flexibility to stain them as light and natural as possible…. 



Adding the clapboard ship lap was the finishing touch that would wrap around the dining area and up the stair case creating cohesiveness and staying true to the cape cod style of the house. 

And here you have the dining area. 

Light, bright, and inviting… 💛


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