A Simple Way to Experience More Life: The Garden

Jun 5

It’s times like these that going to the most simple things can be the most life-giving – and quite literally when we’re talking about gardens. Many are planting vegetable and flower gardens, bringing gardens back into everyday life and I wanted to share a collection of five garden ideas to inspire you now – with a promise of more life that will flood in. Working in the garden and getting your hands in the dirt is so therapeutic. Having some of your own fresh vegetables and herbs on hand is a nice way to be more self-sufficient and use the land wisely – it also makes for extra creativity and fun in the kitchen.

The most stylish carry-alls for harvesting vegetables and gathering flowers make it even more exciting to get outside and get our hands dirty.

Picnic out in the backyard. This is where the details will make the difference. Mix things up with pretty blankets, comfy chairs and the perfect picnic basket.

Get the gardening tools and accessories you love, like a sweet watering can that’s both decorative and functional and pretty linen aprons.

Decorate with gorgeous outdoor vases or get the perfect planters for your garden or patio. If you don’t have access to natural soil, such as on a rooftop or a terrace or a porch, enter the planter.

Bring pretty blankets outside on the patio or in the garden that you would traditionally keep indoors to add some extra comfort and luxury being outdoors.

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