Introducing Our New Dreamy, Coastal Inspired Artist

May 29

Anyone who loves the dreamy, flowing aesthetic of coastal living will fall head over heels for Melo’s designs, our newest addition to the Raquel Garcia Design Shop.

Melo brings soft, feminine pastels and patterns into her design process mixed with inspiration from her surroundings—the natural elements and the surfing lifestyle she loves—to create prints, throws, pillows, wallpaper and more.

Melo’s effortless style and beauty captures the eye and elevates the home. Based in Brooklyn, Melo is trained in fine art, with a Masters in Fiber Art at Savannah College of Art and Design. Born to a Cuban mother and French father, Melo is trilingual and brings a unique mix of cultural influences into her life and art. She has her own growing brand that you can follow along with at @meleau_yellow on Instagram and she works with Brooklyn based artist and designer, Shannon Campanaro of Eskayel.



































Melo is not only a talented artist, but she’s my dear friend and family member whom I’m so happy to share with you all as we enter the summer season.

Shop art by Melo.