Elle Macpherson’s Refreshing Bright Home

Nov 14

There is one key element to great design – and that is designing a space that lets all the natural light stream into every spot in the home. Aussie supermodel, Elle Macpherson’s light-filled Florida home has all the brightness with a clean, fresh, simple design mixed with beautiful pieces of artwork collected on her travels. The interior design was done by the talented Sawyer Berson.

Each room is filled with personal touches and character displaying the personalities of the family members in the home–and I love seeing how it all fits perfectly together to create such a joyful, uplifting respite for the family.

Take the tour of Elle’s house in Architectural Digest this month.

November 2019 Color Mood

Nov 8

{Claude Cartier Décoration}

I love neutral colors. They’re soft and pleasant to the eyes. We see these earthy hues throughout nature and they exude a simple beauty. Decorating and styling with neutral tones creates an ease and effortlessness in everyday living. This November I love ivory and camel—and burgundy. Burgundy is popping out at me and I like it by itself or a perfect combo of burgundy and camel, for interiors and fashion. These colors also remind me of the perfect combination of colors for a gentleman’s apartment in New York City, creating a sophisticated eclectic mood.

{Kelly Wearstler}

{Filipa de Abreu}

{Ulla Johnson}


Ivory resort pieces and winter pieces in soft, comfortable natural materials are refreshing and uplifting in the cooler months. I love mixing and matching all different pieces, with the camel color as well, for earthy neutrals for everyday wear. Do this with a camel leather bag or a cozy camel sweater.

{Jenni Kayne}


{Valentina Collado}