Who To Follow For Wellness Inspiration in 2020

Jan 3

We’re entering an exciting new year – and I want to share with you who I’m following in wellness and on Instagram for healthy inspiration. Everything from functional nutrition, to life changing fitness, to food inspiration that will make you get back in the kitchen with loads of creative ideas – and create some solid foundations in overall well-being for the year to come.

I love living in my creative flow, working hard, being a mother to my three daughters, and taking care of my body through food and fitness supports my creativity, work and motherhood, in beautiful ways. Each one I’m sharing is for-hire through their wellness plans.

Dana James. A delight to work with, Functional Nutritionist, Dana James, will design the meal plan that is unique to your body and needs – follow her on Instagram for beautiful food and insight on women and food, and how we can truly find a way to eat that works for us.

All Good Eats. I love following Nathalie Rhone’s Instagram @allgoodeats for food inspiration – lots of bowls without any frills or fuss.

Bonberi. Stop in for a juice if you’re in the city, or get Nicole Berrie’s delicious recipes on her website. I love her plant-based comfort foods for the winter months right now.


Tracy Anderson. Get organically fit and find your natural shape through Tracy’s unique workout method. It’s the most fun you’ll have working out – and it will sculpt your body in ways it’s never seen. Follow the Tracy Anderson community on Instagram for inspiration and motivation.

Goop Podcast. Tune in for the best in wellness – and don’t miss recent guest, Alejandro Junger, shares his new detox protocol.

The Best Spots in Downtown NYC for Shopping Over Holiday Break

Dec 27

It’s a special time of year to walk the streets of New York City – right before the New Year during the holiday season when we have some extra downtime to enjoy some adventures with friends and family. I wanted to share some of my favorite jewelry spots and other places to visit downtown that I love visiting whenever I’m in the city. Each shop thoughtfully offers some of the most creative, and beautiful designs, beauty, and even a healthy spot for a juice on-the-go and I know you’ll love it.










Faherty, Bleecker Street

I love jewelry so much that I make my own and I’m always inspired by the talented designers surrounding me. When you’re wearing jewelry, you can wear it alone or layer it, combining a few different pieces you love.