Tata Harper: Natural Skincare Pioneer

Jun 21

One of my favorite natural skincare lines is Tata Harper Skincare – I love using her Aromatherapy Collection as perfumes and knowing where it comes from makes it even more special. Tata Harper is smart, warm and so easy to be around – and her passion for creating something truly natural in a world that desperately needed it, is a gift to every woman who uses her skincare. Named “Queen of the green skincare movement’ by Forbes, Harper is incredibly down-to-earth while she brings her mission to life every day in the world of beauty.

Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, Harper grew up in a family of women who loved beauty and making their own skincare out of natural ingredients like turmeric, oats and honey. Harper now lives and works on a 1,200 acre farm in Vermont.

After her stepfather was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2005, this prompted Harper to look further into what we are putting on our skin and realizing we had to do better, she was set on a mission to make her own. There were slim offerings on the market, even when labels said natural and weren’t really natural. And she’s serious about natural – meaning her natural formulas are a 100% synthetic free. Thus began a four-year journey with a team of eight chemists, herbalists and biologists to skincare that didn’t compromise when it came to results, feel, texture, and smell.

Pleasantly surprised, Harper discovered that natural products can be even more effective than synthetics since they are biocompatible with your skin. Harper formulates, batches, fills and ships all products from her organic farm in the Champlain Valley.

I love Harper’s philosophy because she makes it simple – reminding us to read the ingredient list on products, and rather than doing it all at once, to make small changes, starting with our daily products. Each one of her pretty green glass bottles are the epitome of natural luxury skincare.

If you would like to learn more about what Tata Harper is up to and how to integrate natural beauty into your life, check out Harper’s Beauty Classes around the country.

Iconic Designer, Vladimir Kagan

Jun 14

One of my favorite furniture designers I have loved for many years of my design career, legendary furniture designer, Vladimir Kagan, not only left behind timeless designs, but he also left behind friends and family who’s words gave us a true glimpse of what a loving person he was and how much they all appreciated him. Something like this is always such a nice discovery to make when I feel drawn to certain pieces of furniture. When I see the piece of furniture, I can also remember the person’s heart behind it.

Vladimir married Erica Wilson, a needlework teacher from The Royal School of London. Their marriage and creative union set them on a track to global success and they spent 56 years together traveling the world and raising their three children.

In 1948 Kagan opened his first shop in New York, where the his name quickly became synonymous with curving lines in sculpted wood and superior craftsmanship. By the 1950s he had become known for his organic, sculptural furniture made for clients like Marilyn Monroe.

Take a look at some of Kagan’s works featured over the years in the pages of Architectural Digest.

The New York Times said, “Vladimir Kagan is one of the most important furniture designers of the 20th century. Furniture designed by him in the forties, fifties and sixties have become icons of Modernity and an obligatory reference to every designer. He is the creative grandfather of a whole new generation of designers.”

For a full picture of Kagan’s impressive work, through his showrooms in France and Italy, and commissions for high-end interiors by some of the world’s leading architects and interior designers, get his book  The Complete Kagan: Vladimir Kagan, A Lifetime of Avant Garde Design.