Sep 26

The Heart of the Home…

photo cred: Alyssa Rosenheck


They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. In this case it certainly was not only figuratively but literally. The kitchen had to integrate into the furniture and have a soothing palette and not draw attention to any one thing. I chose a simple inset shaker style door frame, classic and clean.



Having integrated appliances was number one on the list as it would allow all the appliances to be behind the same panel as the cabinets. Then came the kitchen island…. It had to be functional and the main focal point of the space being seen by all angles which is why I chose a waterfall style design with the whitest natural stone that has a little bit of sparkle. Definitely my favorite part.



Lighting also played a very important role in accenting the main working spaces like the kitchen sink and the kitchen island. The rest was recessed lights for the ceiling. Everything is on dimmers so you can create any mood at any time. 



And there you have the heart of the home creating a welcoming hello and yummy meals that make you feel loved.💛


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