Why I Love Cuban, Travel-Infused Designer, Vicente Wolf

Apr 18

Growing up in a home filled with music, culture and the arts in my Cuban upbringing, I look at Vicente Wolf, a Cuban designer based in New York City, and I am reminded of my father’s passion for travel and aesthetic. Wolf is known for his elegant design influenced by jaunts to exotic destinations, in which he collects and incorporates authentic, globally-sourced artifacts and furnishings into all of his projects, creating a one-of-a-king design.

Wolf’s designs stretch from homes in the city, on the beach, to the country, each one integrating its surroundings and complimenting the lifestyle that comes with it. For Wolfe’s city homes, he uses materials that are “practical, but still luxurious with a blend of one of a kind pieces.”

Wolf’s beach homes are “where the colors of the ocean and the outdoors get reflected inside to house.” The spaces are flowing and fluid, just like the water outside, making it easy for its residents to transition easily from the indoor and outdoor spaces.

For weekends away from the city, and all-around country living, Wolf uses “custom designed pieces that have a patina of age against clean and bright interiors” for comfortable and welcoming environments designed for relaxing gatherings of friends and family.

I love seeing his process, where his concepts are made into reality.

In addition to his acclaimed interior design, Wolf’s travels have inspired VW Home, a showroom of rare antiques and hand-picked international artifacts, with custom-made pieces available.

There is nothing more inspiring to me than design that is fully alive, bringing in the natural elements, culture and a passion for travel and beautiful spaces that bring people together in an even more meaningful way.

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