Walk through my home on ElleDecor.com last month

Aug 25


When we create something, there’s the part where we create out of the sheer love for it, and then there’s the part where we offer it to the world — and we find out if the world loves our work as much we loved creating it. The trick is that we have to be creating something that is intrinsically motivated because there’s no guarantee that others will see it the way we do. But I’ve noticed the more I follow the natural promptings that come through me, I create something that fits the space I’m working with and the family living in it, in a special and seamless way.

Since following my heart and vision a decade ago to create spaces for people that elicited beauty and comfort, most of the journey has been a quiet, behind-the-scenes process, with not any public recognition. I’ve had to wait a long time for this to come. I think when we want something and we don’t get it right away, it grows us in unseen ways and prepares us for the best of what is to come. Waiting has been a humbling experience for me.

While I would do this work simply because it’s my calling since I was a young girl, it is such a sweet gift to receive recognition on something I’ve put so much attention and care into. I’ve been a longtime fan of ElleDecor.com and I am so pleased to have been featured last month.

Get a tour of my home and read the article here…

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